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Through his work, Klaus Dobler doesn't overtly or explicitly criticise the nonsensical wastefulness and massiveness of production as well as the obsession with brands and consumer culture. His work is not a mere surface-level message about recycling and ecological sustainability. It's a subtle portrait of the machine of mass production, visualizing itself through its own fruits. 

 In Klaus lives the spirit of a curious child. He observes the universe as a vast space where adult seriousness, the dogmatic structures of religion and the practicality or “common sense" of(modern) life in society have organized the world in a grid. It might seem like chaos, but each element has a function, a rational purpose. It takes the mind of a child to see this structure from the outside and it takes a child's intuition to recognize the absurd massiveness-seemingly close to divine infinity-of the figures involved in the driving force of this great construction that 

appears to have covered the entire world: never ending production, never-ending possibilities of consumption, never-ending expansion, never ending growth, forever.


Guillermina Burgos Fischer

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