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The known—

I don’t know if it was ever right

But there was something deep

That I identified with

A sadness

A longing

That broke my heart

Into thousands of tiny other hearts

Exploding into the ether searching for their missing shapes;

cast aways

There was this something

That I could not abandon

This knowing that he at one time was one of these missing gorgeous shapes

That fits so sound within my longing for remembrance of the known

These scattered, hungry shapes searching for their partners

In the brightness of the shadows

Curled and lopsided in the vastness of my mind

Hurled against the abyss

We came together to heal

And therefor, exist

With our teeth baring the scent of each other’s saliva

We were pulled together like rabid dogs

Or magnets to the sky

With butterfly wings as thin as Chinese papers

Batting in the wind

We Recognized

Each other

As we floated

Under the halcyon moon




—To the Lovers of Ancient Times.

Chelsea Netzband

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